Oak Class

Oak Class

Oak class is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class and the children are taught by Mr Watson. We also have Mrs Wellstead as a Teaching Assistant and Miss Elgood who supports children in our class everyday.


Please send in your child’s book bag every day so that reading books can be changed regularly during the week according to your child’s needs.

Physical Education

We will continue to ask the children to wear their PE kits to school on their PE days. We will be doing PE on Tuesday and Thursday.

Water bottles

Children will need a named water bottle with them each day as we will be unable to provide them with cups.

Outdoor Education

They will learn about trees, plants, animals, and seasons and develop a sense of teamwork and togetherness. All children will need their wellies and waterproofs at school. These can be left with us and we will send them home when they need a wash.



This is an optional activity that you can enjoy with your child; they can work their way through from bronze level all the way to platinum. When they complete all of the activities, this is celebrated as part of Celebration Worship. The Going for Gold tasks are below for your child’s year group. Simply tick them off as you go and encourage our child to record their efforts. Once they have 10 activities achieved then they will receive a bronze award. These activities have been carefully chosen and are age appropriate.


If you need to contact me then you can do so by using our class email: oak@morley.norfolk.sch.uk

If you need to pass on an urgent message then please phone the school office on 01953 602397

Summer 2022 Reading Challenge


Oak Class Termly Letter Summer 2022

Knowlege Organiser-What is right and what is wrong 







Oak Class Termly Letter Spring 2022

Computing Knowledge Organiser – Digital literacy

History Knowledge Organiser – The Great Fire of London

PE Knowledge Organiser – Dance

PE Knowledge Organiser – Invasion-Games

RE Knowledge Organiser – What-does-it-mean-to-belong-to-the-Jewish-Community

RE Knowledge Organiser – What-is-the-meaning-of-the-story-of-Moses

Science Knowledge Organiser – Everyday-Materials

Science Knowledge Organiser – Materials-and-Their-Properties

Art Knowledge Organiser – Spring-2022



Oak Class Termly Letter Autumn 2021

Class Timetable for Oak Class 2021-22

What do Christians believe God is like – Autumn1

What do Christians believe God is like – Autumn1

Why does Christmas matter to Christians – Autumn 2

KS1 Science Knowledge Organiser – Seasonal Changes

KS1 Van Gogh Starry Night KS1 Throwing and Catching

KS1 Strike and Field

KS1 History Knowledge Organiser – Far, far away

KS1 Computing knowledge organiser – Computer science

KS1 Computing knowledge organiser – Beebots

KS1 2021 2022 programme

Oak 2021 2022 curriculum


Going for Gold – YEAR 1

Going for Gold – YEAR 2