When children begin school in Reception, they are also referred to as the EYFS – Early
Years Foundation Stage. Here at Morley, the EYFS children are in Pine class with Year
Children in the EYFS learn through play and the outdoors and here at Morley we look closely
at the interests of the children and develop learning around that. We place kindness and
care at the heart of our provision and look to develop independence, resilience and self-
regulation in our little ones.
We believe that nature plays an important role in children’s health and wellbeing, so we take
every opportunity to discover and learn in both the little woods at the end of the field and the
larger woodland that runs alongside our school.
Please look below where you will find information on; phonics and reading, Development
matters and the Early Learning Goals, which are the expectations for the end of the EYFS.

Managing Transition in to Reception

Development matters

Our vision for EYFS

Inclusive Curriculum EYFS

Read Write Inc Parent Booklet Set 1

Read Write Inc Parent Booklet Set 2 and 3

Early Learning Goals