Intent – Developing Mastery in Maths

A the Tacolneston & Morley CE VA Schools Federation, we firmly believe in the importance of maths for our children, both as a key to future learning and as a vital tool for use throughout their everyday lives.  We believe that every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support.  So, we aim to provide a positive stimulating environment where children feel confident to explore maths and develop their skills.

The 2014 National Curriculum for Maths aims to ensure that all children:

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics
  • Are able to reason mathematically
  • Can solve problems by applying their mathematics.

The following documents give you more detail on this.

Maths Policy 2020

Maths Mastery Vision 2022

Maths Mastery for Parents

Inclusive Curriculum Maths Mastery



Developing mastery in maths is based on building strong foundations that are then built upon using small steps as children develop their understanding.  These documents show the progression of skills and understanding in all calculations, alongside our development of concrete, pectoral and abstract representations of concepts.

Progression in calculations 2020

Inspire Calculation Progression_Addition and_Subtraction

Inspire Calculation_Progression_Multiplication and_Division

Inspire Calculation Progression_Fractions, Percentages and Decimals

Implementation – EYFS

EYFS – Mathematics

As part of our mastery approach to learning maths, developing number sense is vital and
this begins with numbers 1 – 10. These are the basis of our entire number system and being
able to manipulate these numbers fully is essential in securing a strong foundation for
learning mathematics throughout our school.
This video is excellent at explaining why we work on numbers 1 – 10 for so long, before
moving onto larger numbers. It also explains how this learning relates to learning in later
years, so would be useful for all parents.

Early Number Sense Video


EYFS Characteristics-of-effective-learning-display-poster

Implementation – Using Inspire Maths

From September 2018, the Tacolneston & Morley CE VA Schools Federation introduced Inspire Maths in year groups 1 – 6, reception will still follow their progression through the Early Years Framework.

Inspire Maths is a whole-school Primary maths programme based on the leading Singapore Maths series My Pals are Here! , and is currently used in almost 100% of Singapore’s state primary schools.

  • Accessible Pupil Textbooks introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, enabling all children to develop critical thinking skills, make mathematical connections and become confident mathematicians.
  • Inspire Maths is built on a Concrete-Pictoral-Abstract (CPA) approach, ensuring secure foundations and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Inspire Maths uses spiral progression to develop fluency and reasoning and builds strong conceptual understanding and problem solving skills for mastery.

The overview of the scheme shows that children work from Inspire phase 1 through to Inspire phase 6 and this details the variety of units that they will cover on this journey.  However, as this scheme is from Singapore it is not necessarily in like with year groups in this country.  Therefore, children will work through the scheme as they progress with their mathematical skills, but the number of Inspire may not tally with their year group number.  Also units may be tackled in differing orders, due to the sequence of the National Curriculum 2014.  The correlation charts on the website show how the two marry up.

Mental Strategies Journey Through School

Inspire Information for Parents

Inspire_Maths Parent Presentation





Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 1

Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 2

Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 3

Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 4

Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 5

Inspire National Curriculum Correlation year 6

Helping your child at home

White Rose Maths have teamed up with TV presenter, teacher and parent Michael Underwood to bring you a mini-series called Maths with Michael. We understand that many parents feel like maths has changed and can sometimes find it difficult to keep up to date with modern teaching methods in maths. Well don’t worry, we’re here to help.  There are a series of videos on place value, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions if you click on the link below.

Times table rockstars overview

Timestable Tracker

Inspire_Times_Tables Pack

Inspire Home Learning 1

Inspire_Home Learning 2

Inspire_Home Learning 3

Inspire_Home Learning 4

Inspire_Home Learning 5

Inspire_Home Learning 6