Pine Class

Pine class is an EYFS and Year 1 classroom and the children are taught by Mrs Easter and Mrs Cooper. Mrs Easter teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Cooper teaches on Thursday and Friday. We have 2 teaching assistants working in class: Mrs Wellstead who supports in the morning and for 3 afternoons and Mr Smith who supports for 2 afternoons. Miss Cook also supports a child within Pine every morning and Mrs Whittaker in the afternoon. 

Physical Education and Outdoor Education
The Reception children have PE on Thursday afternoons in Learn, Play, Grow. Year 1’s have PE on Tuesday with Coach Ian. So, please ensure that long hair is tied up and that any earrings are removed. Children are also given opportunities to play on the bikes and trikes every week and to take part in active learning outside.

KS1 have outdoor education on a Wednesday afternoon. They will learn about trees, plants, animals, and seasons and develop a sense of teamwork and togetherness. 

All children will need their wellies and a waterproof coat and trousers at school. These can be left at school and we will send them home when they need a wash. On colder days we enjoy a hot chocolate and enjoy story time at the end of the day. All parents and carers are welcome and the story starts at 2.45pm.


Our locality

Prayer KS1

The Moon

Seasonal Changes Knowledge organiser Year 1

Fire of London

Spring Term letter 2019

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KS1 Science Knowledge Organiser – Plants

KS1 Geography Knowledge Organiser – Fabulous Farming

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Autumn letter to parents 2018


Class Timetable for Pine class 2018 2019

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Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

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