Pine Class

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Pine class is an EYFS and Year 1 classroom and the children are taught by Mrs Easter and Mrs Ketley. Mrs Easter teaches on a Monday and a Tuesday and Mrs Ketley teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Easter is also the Deputy Head and Mrs Ketley is the SENDCO for the Federation. Mrs Motteram and Mrs Smith are our Teaching assistants and are with us each day to join in the fun.

Outdoor Education
Pine class children regularly head outside to take part in forest school and to learn outdoors; they will learn about trees, plants, animals, and seasons and develop a sense of teamwork and togetherness. As we have no set day for this, all children will need their wellies and waterproof all in ones at school. These can be left with us and we will send them home when they need a wash.


Reading books will be changed on a Monday, so children will need to bring their books to school each day.

Water bottles

Children will need a named water bottle with them each day as we will be unable to supply cups.


This is an optional activity that you can enjoy with your child; they can work their way through from bronze level all the way to platinum. Activities range from cooking to splashing in puddles and as children gain their awards they are celebrated as part of Celebration Worship. The Going for gold tasks are below for your child’s year group. Simply tick them off as you go and encourage our child to record their efforts. Once they have 10 activities achieved then they will receive a bronze award. These activities have been carefully chosen and are age appropriate.

Please, if you need to contact us then you can do so by using our class email:


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