Sycamore Class

Year 3

Sycamore class is a Year 3 class taught by Mr. East. We are also lucky to have Mrs. Harrold, who supports the class every day and we are also sometimes supported by Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Thacker . Sycamore is a bright and happy classroom with a fantastic view of the memorial cross opposite and a small learning area outside, complete with a writing shed and reading mushrooms.

Reading folders should be brought into school for changing reading books on Monday, and P.E. kits should be worn in school on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Summer 2022 Reading Challenge

Summer letter to parents 2022

Plants Year 3

Living Things Year 4


Sycamore Knowledge Quiz – Egyptians and Living Things

Kodu knowledge organiser

LKS2 Digital literacy knowledge organiser



Spring letter to parents 2022

Sycamore Spring 2022 Timetable

Science Knowledge Oragniser – Materials

Geography Knowledge Oragniser – The Water Cycle

Sycamore Knowledge Quiz – Rocks Soils and the Water Cycle

Computing Knowledge Organiser – Scratch


Autumn letter to parents 2021

Sycamore Autumn 2021 Timetable

Year Plan Sycamore 2021-2022

Light Subject Organiser

Anglo-Saxons Subject Organiser

Quiz Knowledge Organiser Anglo Saxons and Vikings Sound

Online safety subject organiser

Sycamore 2021-2022 curriculum


Going for Gold – YEAR 3