Latest News

26/3/24   A wonderful Easter Service, with readings, poems, prayers, choir and whole-school singing. Enjoy our video clips from Deopham Church!

21/3/2024        A big thank you to everyone who dressed in purple and donated to the Epilepsy Action charity  – a cause close to our hearts. Great to have raised over £150. Thank you and well done everyone!


Thank you to Raise Kids for an amazing Easter Experience day! Being able to enter, touch, taste and listen to the different parts of the Easter story really engaged the children with ideas and reflections; they considered concepts such as sharing through a ‘last supper’ experience, and who we can stand up for in a ‘Gethsemane’ garden, which made the Easter story relevant to the children’s own lives as well as being memorable. A great day, with RE literally brought to life!


World Book Day dressing up was fantastic! Well done to all our children and families for embracing book characters and coming up with such creative costumes. World Book Day is always special and gives children an excellent focus on reading, authors and the pleasure of books.


At Morley we are really excited to be in touch with Jane Hissey during this World Book Day week. Jane, author and illustrator of the world-famous Old Bear books, is a former pupil from Morley Primary. This week, in celebration of Jane’s work and career, children have brought in their own bears, made pictures and been writing about bears, as well as reading Jane’s books of course! We have even had some science investigations as bears have been trying out how parachutes would really work to rescue Old Bear from his attic! Jane has promised to write back to our children and answer any questions they have, so several classes are busy composing letters to Jane. We will be making a dedicated section of our school library for Old Bear and Jane’s books, and hope to have an annual Old Bear day to celebrate one of our school’s most famous former pupils!


Sycamore class made their own butter this week! As part of their learning about food groups, the children discussed whether cream belongs to ‘dairy’ or ‘fats and oils.’ We discovered it belongs both! The children worked very hard shaking that jars until the fat molecules began to stick together, eventually producing a ball of butter surrounded by buttermilk.


Building Lego staircases is always a tricky challenge! As part of our Collective Worship series on Perseverance, children were tasked with building a Lego staircase as big as possible, and to think about their emotions as they built. From excitement, through disappointment when it breaks, to pride when finished – we all experience a range of emotions when taking on a challenge. Learning to manage these is a very useful life skill. Maybe try the Lego challenge to experience this!


Well done to our KS2 children who represented the school really well at the ‘Spirit of the Games’ sports event. Alongside other schools, children experienced unusual sports including archery, curling, golf and rowing, alongside more traditional sports of basketball and others. The children had a great time, each with different favourite events!


Sycamore class performed some great music with instruments and singing during their weekly music lesson. Super timing and accuracy in playing, and it’s really good to have the whole class able to sing and perform together. Well done Y3 and Y4!


Pine Class maths workshop for parents. Our Reception children loved sharing their learning about numbers with their grown-ups. They have been focussing on ‘subitising’, which is the ability to see, solve and manipulate numbers in their heads. Well done Reception, and thank you to all our parents who came along!


Super learning from Year 3 in art. The children have been learning about Kente Cloth patterns, the meaning of the different colours and starting to think about designing their own. Great work Year 3!


Having a great time in Gymnastics club, working on balances and movement sequences in groups. Fabulous shapes, control and teamwork! 


Great reading session in Oak class with children really enjoying reading with parents and sharing books! Thank you so much to our parents for joining us for these weekly sessions.


Playing together and enjoying the outdoors at playtime and lunchtime!


Great music making in Y1 and Y2! Learning about Blues and Groove music, the children loved accompanying music tracks with their own instrumental playing.


Our whole-school visit to the Hippodrome Circus was a huge success with all our children! Many thanks to the Friends of Morley Primary for funding this treat for everyone. A fabulous day!